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What is the Uluru Statement?

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a statement of aspirations and calls to action from the First Nations people of Australia.

It was released in May 2017 after a series of Indigenous-led dialogues known as the First Nations National Constitutional Convention, which brought together Indigenous representatives from across the country to discuss constitutional recognition and self-determination.

The statement calls for three key reforms:

  1. A First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution, giving Indigenous people a say in laws and policies that affect them.

  2. A Makarrata Commission to oversee a process of agreement-making and truth-telling between Indigenous people and the Australian government.

  3. The establishment of a process to work towards Treaty between Indigenous people and the Australian government.

The Uluru Statement is significant because it represents a historic moment in the recognition of Indigenous rights and self-determination in Australia.

It has been widely supported by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike, and continues to be a key focus of advocacy and activism.

My name is Brian AJ Newman LLB and I support the Uluru Statement.

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